About Me

Jeremy Yijie Chen, experience designer and technology dabbler, is passionate about exploring possibilities and challenges in science and technology from a design perspective. Standing across the reality-virtuality continuum, his work focuses on the experience transform and emotion shift in digitalization.

He specializes in observing, abstracting, embodying and validating affective impacts of the emerging medium/technology through artifacts, interfaces and narrations, using methods of agile design, speculative making and experimentation. He has a wealth of experience in user research, digital product and interaction design as well as his practices frequently play with fast 2D/3D prototyping, interactive physical/digital experience and visual communication.

Taking the window as his design philosophy, he is committed to pursuing a relational balance in experience between the comfort of staying inside and the expectation of escaping outside. His work is always questioning and toggling between the existing user-centered design and provocative speculation of the future, the anthropocentric physical affection and the mania for digital technology, the belief of identity and the conformity to the crowd.