Muyu is a creative speaker which can analyze odor and then perform suitable melodies in tea ceremony. Besides, the product has two ways to control. One is to control by remote and people can also control the divece by interacting.

Background Research

Orders in tea

According to the classification of Chen Zongqi's "Chinese Tea Classic", tea is divided into six types: green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, yellow tea and black tea. Among them, green tea, white tea and yellow tea are light fermented tea. And black tea, oolong tea and dark tea are highly fermented tea.Then I collected different types of tea and plenty of aroma in these tea. Eventually I got the form on the right.

The aroma wheel

The aroma wheel following attached provides a visual graphic of the different categories and aroma components that one can encounter in tea. The terminology used is standardized for use by both professionals and amateur tea tasters. The aroma is arranged according to its fermentation degree.

"Odophone" of Piesse

Septimus Piesse, a 19th century French perfumer, created an ‘Odophone,’ a literal scale of smells corresponding to different pitches in Western musical notation in 1858. By his own logic, scent chords could be formed. Piesse’s logic to some degree corresponded to the scientific understanding of smell in his day, which posited that smell, like sound, was perceived by frequency and vibration. In addition, each scent has a corresponding pitch. More harmonious the corresponding pitches, more harmonious the mix of scent is.

Learning from Piesse Odophone theory and wine aroma wheel, I reorganized aromas of tea according to the degree of fermentation in different tea and made this tea aroma wheel. As the pitch increases, the corresponding odor is also fresher and more hydrated. I chose typical 35 types from 51 tea aromas, arranged according to the degree of fermentation.

Based on this odophone, we connect pitches and aroma correspondingly. By recognizing the aura of tea, Muyu will find suitable music for users according to their personal preferences.

User Interface / Product Design

User Interface


Product Prototype

Control by knocking

Control by remote