The Window

“The window” proposes an alternative visual experience to confront the immersive effects of virtual reality, bridging the separated physical and digital world and constructing transitions to avoid being lost in the mediated vision.

The word "window" has been signified as the interface to the digital world for a long time. The project plays with the "window" as a medium, hoping to pull the metaphor back from the digital to the physical, vision back to the body, and the technical mania to the anthropocentric emotion.

Final Outcome

By reconstituting the computed body with a consistent physical/digital prosthetic, the project aims to facilitate users exploring digital space while keeping their sense of belonging to a physical body.

Enter the virtual space

Exit from the virtual space

Physical to Digital Controller

Interface Window

Exit Window


Physical To Digital Controller

User could toggle between physical and digital by the P2D controller.

Interface Window

User could build a portable interface window to mix/bridge the physical and digital reality.

User could also fix the interface window in the digital space as a window to observe the physical reality. The window is foldable to avoid distraction.

User would be noticed if there is someone out of the window. (in the physical)

Back Window

User could step back to the physical through the back window.